Things to Do in Abilene Texas

The best things to do in Abilene Texas are family friendly experiences. While there are many things to see and do in and around Abilene Texas, we’ll list the best ones. Read on to learn more about the top things to see and do in Abilene Texas.

Fortunately, Abilene is a relatively small community with about 123,000 residents. Abilene got its official start way back, more than one hundred and thirty eight years ago, in 1881. It’s referred to as “Key City” or the “Friendly Frontier” and spans 112 square miles, located in Taylor County.

Now, let’s get onto the most worthwhile things to do in Abilene Texas and why:

  1. Frontier Texas. Situated downtown, Frontier Texas is a way to travel back in time and experience life in the Wild West. It’s full of history and fun, offering something for the entire family to enjoy.
  2. Abilene Zoo. This is one of the top destinations in the area, being home to over one thousand animals from around the globe. Visitors can encounter big cats, Saragetti animals like giraffes, and even living dinosaurs. The Abilene Zoo is truly a wonderful place to spend a day.
  3. The Grace Museum. This is also a terrific location to spend a day with the family, the Grace Museum is a fun mix of history, along with art and science. It tells the story of the state of Texas and offers more, as well.

Furthermore, the Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden is likewise a great place to visit for enjoy who enjoys the outdoors.

Abilene Texas Schools

Abilene Texas schools are some of the best in the region. There are a number of good schools in the area, including public and private. Known as the Texas Midwest, Abilene is home to the most active commercial, retail, medical, and transportation hub of nearly twenty counties. Read on to learn more about Abilene Texas schools.

Abilene Texas schools number over one-hundred facilities. These include preschools, through elementary, onto middle and high schools.

Located in both Taylor and Jones counties, Abilene is the 27th largest city in the state by population, which numbers just over 117,000 residents. Coincidentally, the median home value in Abilene is $117,200. Meanwhile, the median list price per square foot is $109, with the median rent price being $1,205 per month. Also, the median list price in Abilene is $194,950.

In the city of Abilene, there are a total of 80 preschools. There are also 31 elementary schools in the community. Abilene has 21 middle schools and 17 high schools. Additionally, there are 59 private schools in Abilene. There is also one public charter school in the area.

Some of the top ranked schools in the community of Abilene are: Dyess Elementary School, Wylie Intermediate School, Austin Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, and Ward Elementary School. Also, Wylie J High School and Wylie Middle, and the Academy For Technology Engineering.

As you can see, the city of Abilene has a lot to offer and is a wonderful place to call home, even live, work and play.

Abilene Texas Quality of Life

The Abilene Texas quality of life is one that draws people here and for good reason. The community is family friendly, it also boasts a low cost of living, and is right in the heart of west central Texas. Plus, it’s home to a relatively small population of about 120,000 residents. (This makes it the 27th most populated city in the Lone Star State.) Read on to learn more about the Abilene Texas quality of life.

The Abilene Texas quality of life starts with the stability of the community. Abilene as founded in the mid 1800s and it’s evolved into an economy which is largely based on agriculture, petroleum, and a nearby Air Force base.

Next, for families with small children, Abilene is a great place to call home because it has two independent public school systems. (This is due to the fact Abilene spans across two counties — Taylor County and Jones County.)

The cultural life in Abilene is alive and well. Here, there are a number of museums, including art and history. Plus, there’s the Abilene Zoo and there’s a historical theatre which hosts live entertainment. This includes films, theatrical plays, dance, opera, and more.

All of this, not to mention Abilene boasts a low cost of living. For instance, the median house price in Abilene $125,800. This, compared to the national median of $220,000 and the statewide median of nearly $194,000.

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of reasons to call the city of Abilene Texas home!

Abilene Texas Housing Market

The Abilene Texas housing market is a very hot one at this time. In fact, it’s on fire. The Abilene Texas residential real estate market currently favors sellers over buyers but that might change in the next several months. Read on to learn more about the Abilene Texas housing market and its present state and what to expect over the coming year.

Located inside both Jones and Taylor counties, the population is approximately 117,000+ residents, making it the twenty-seventh most populated city in the Lone Star State. It serves as the principal city of the Abilene Metro statistical area and continues to grow.

Originally, Abilene was merely a frontier settlement but has evolved over the years to become a charming town. It boasts a hometown feel and is also family friendly. Home to Frontier Texas museum and the Abilene Zoo, it’s a terrific place to call home.

At this time, the Abilene Texas residential real estate market claims a median home value of nearly $122,000. Over the course of the previous year, house values have actually declined slightly by about 3.2 percent. Presently, economists and real estate experts alike believe this trend to continue and drop by approximately 6.3 percent over the course of the next year.

The median list price per square foot in the city of Abilene stands at $107, which is at parity with the overall Abilene Metro area average. Right now, the median home listing price is $194,900. So, it’s quite affordable for many entering the housing market or looking to relocate.

Advantages of Investing in Abilene Texas Real Estate

The advantages of investing in Abilene Texas real estate are quite large. Located in two counties, Taylor and Jones, Abilene is the twenty-seventh most populated community in the Lone Star State, with a population of about 170,000 residents. And, it’s a prime location to own residential real estate, for a number of reasons. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of investing in Abilene Texas real estate.

The benefits of investing in Abilene Texas real estate come down to a few key factors. Situated in central north Texas, about two hours west by southwest of Fort Worth and northwest of Austin and Houston, Abilene is a great place to own real estate for the following reasons:

  1. Abilene continues to grow, year over year. This is a thriving community and one that continues to grow in just about every way, year after year. Which means more employers open shop and that creates more demand for jobs and housing.
  2. Home prices here are relatively inexpensive. Unlike the bigger cities around the state, home prices in Abilene are much more affordable. That represents a great acquisition opportunity at a substantially lower cost.
  3. The area around it and within is also growing. Although the town of Abilene itself is growing at a solid clip, so to our surrounding areas. That helps to bolster its future performance for many years to come.
  4. Abilene is a family friendly location. This is one of the best reasons to invest in Abilene real estate because it causes more demand for housing.

Homeowners Insurance: Beyond the Home

When most people are buying an insurance product, be it homeowners or another, they never think much about what they are buying. The premium or price you pay for insurance is one such thing. Most people only seem to be concerned about the premium. However, when it comes to other equally important elements of the insurance products they buy, their concerns are almost nonexistent.

Many people simply assume that whatever insurance they buy it is the same regardless of the insurance company they buy it from. This perception is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what insurance products entail and how the insurance industry functions.

Obviously, it is important to avoid paying more than is necessary for any insurance product as it is for any other product. However, sometimes you can be unaware of the coverage you have with your homeowner’s insurance until you file a claim and only find out too late that you were not covered for a certain type of loss.

Motor home, boat, and motorcycle owners may be surprised to learn that neither their auto insurance nor their homeowner’s insurance covers them for losses associated with those items.

Non-traditional/inland marine insurance is a custom sector of the insurance industry that deals with items and properties not traditionally categorized under typical automobile or property insurance. Some of these items include snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, and ATV�s.

You may discover that the insurance company you currently use does not even provide coverage for items of this type. If this is the case, you will have to find a specialty insurance company.

A good example of such an insurance company is Foremost Insurance of Caledonia, Michigan. The insurance company provides coverage for all kinds of things from motorcycles to motor homes.

Foremost Insurance offers a wide variety of policies protecting non-traditional items that regular homeowners policies do not cover. Foremost Insurance has agents across the United States and is a leader in the issuance of policies that cover losses against such items. The company is part of Farmers Insurance Group, which is a trusted name in both auto and homeowners insurance throughout the United States.

Accidents can and will happen regardless of whether you are in your car, home, or riding your ATV. By ensuring that you have coverage helps prevent a small accident from escalating into a financial nightmare by ensuring that you have the right insurance coverage regardless of what you own.

Abilene Texas Employment

Abilene Texas employment offers various positions in a variety of career fields. Here, there are military jobs, health care positions, criminal justice careers, government jobs, education positions, and more.

Located in central Texas and known as a former frontier town, today, it’s home to the Frontier Texas Museum, Grace Museum, the Abilene Zoo, and Fort Phantom Hill on its outskirts. Settled in 1881 and incorporated in the same year, it boasts over 121,000 residents and more than 41,500 households. And, Abilene makes for a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Abilene Texas employment is diverse and strong, at this time. For instance, right now, the current unemployment rate is 3.4 percent, better than the national average of 3.9 percent.

Future job growth in Abilene is projected to increase by 31.7 percent, which is almost at parity with the national figure of 33.5 percent. Recent job growth in Abilene stands at 2 percent, more than the countrywide number of 1.6 percent.

Over the course of the next three years, job growth in Abilene is forecast to rise by 3.4 percent, with a five-year rate of 2.9 percent.

Top employers in Abilene are the United State military, a private healthcare system, mostly comprised of hospitals, education, the city government, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, private insurers, and county government.

Abilene is a great place to call home, having a very family friendly atmosphere. Like most of the Lone Star state, it’s also quite business friendly. Making it an ideal place to start or relocate a business.

Parks in Abilene Texas

There are several great parks in Abilene, Texas. A former frontier settlement, Abilene is home to the Frontier Texas museum, the Grace Museum, the Abilene Zoo, and Fort Phantom Hill. Abilene is also connected to the Texas Forts Trail, which links other destinations and landmarks together.

One of the best things about Abilene Texas is its laid back feel. Here, folks are friendly and there’s much to see and do. So, its many parks make it all the better to experience. Here are some of the top parks in Abilene Texas you should explore:

    1.  Dr. Seuss Park. Okay, although small in size, it has a few wonderful things to offer. Dr. Seuss (pronounced like “voice”), was an American children’s book author and illustrator. His works remain iconic, so it’s only fitting the eponymous park include art dedicated to his work. It’s a great place for kids and adults, alike.
    1.  Red Bull Park. Here, you’ll find softball fields, a one and a half mile walking path, as well as a YMCA.
    1.  Nelson Park. Right outside the Abilene Zoo, this park includes a lake and plenty of natural landscaping.
    1.  Johnson Park. This is a destination which lies just outside Abilene. Here, visitors enjoy several different activities, including boating, fishing, camping, picnic outings, and leisurely strolls.
  1.  The Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden. Located on the southeast lawn of the Abilene Convention Center, it’s home to sculpture, nighttime lights, and more.

Other parks in Abilene Texas include Scarborough Park, Dyess Air Park, Will Hair Park, and Oscar Rose Park.

Abilene Texas Weather

Abilene Texas weather is one of the most stable and predictable in the Lone Star State. Here, the warmest month, on average is July, with the coolest month occurring in January (which is also the driest month). Generally, June records the most rain in the area but it’s mostly sunny days for the majority of days during the year.

Abilene Texas weather certainly helps to make it one of the best places to live, work, and play. A former frontier settlement, the city of Abilene is home to the Frontier Texas museum and the Abilene Zoo. It’s also home to two other destination spots, Fort Phantom Hill and Texas Forts Trail.

As for the weather in Abilene Texas, residents and visitors alike have much to enjoy. So, here’s a quick peek at what to expect, from season to season from Abilene Texas weather:

    1. Fall. September through November sees average highs ranging from the upper 80s to the mid 60s. While overnight, temperatures fall between the mid 60s to the low 40s.
    1. Winter. Through the months running from December to February, daytime highs average about 57 degrees, while overnight temps fall to the mid 30s.
    1. Spring. From March through May, temperatures range from the high 70s to the high 80s during the day. Overnight ranges from 52 to 69 degrees.
  1. Summer. June through August sees daytime highs in the low to mid 90s. At night, temperatures fall to the low 70s.

As you can see, the weather in Abilene Texas is among the best in the nation.

Looking At Abilene, Texas Lifestyle 

Abilene is a small Texas town that likes to say it offers a little bit of everything for everyone – with a famous Texas twist. Located about 180 miles west of Dallas, they’re smack dab in the middle of the state. Abilene is in the center of “Big Country,” as the Texas Midwest is sometimes called, and is located right by Interstate 20 for easy access by travelers. The head of Taylor County, 120,373 of the 136,000 souls who live in the county call Abilene home. So calling it the center of the county is more than just a little understatement.

Abilene has long held a reputation as a city looking to the future and understanding the importance of building a better life for tomorrow even while going about the business of today. Formed in 1881 thanks in part to the joining of the Texas & Pacific railroads, the openness to new friends & residents made Abilene an attractive place to settle and even today they are the regional center for business, industry, and offer a wide array of cultural boons usually only found in much larger cities.

House Improvement Suggestions On A Spending Budget 

You do not need to spend a great deal of cash to do home improvements. You can upgrade the look of your residence with a couple of, simple and low-cost changes. In this article, you will certainly discover some suggestions on how to make home improvements on a spending plan.

If your rug is unclean as well as old, changing it entirely can be extremely costly. Instead of replacing the carpet in your house, shampoo it. Shampooing the rug is an economical method to get your carpeting looking like brand-new once more and scenting fresh. Many rug cleaning businesses can shampoo and get rid of carpeting stains at a very small cost.

One simple way to update the look of your residence is to replace the lights. Nowadays, residence renovation stores bring a broad variety of lights which can be found in various surfaces and also styles. They additionally differ in costs, making it easier to find ones that fit your budget plan. Changing the light fixtures in your home is something simple which can be done in a couple of hours.

To create an effect in your home, paint an accent wall surface or trim. Paint is really cost-effective and also can instantly transform the look of an area. There are several types of paints offered today. You can use a paint that’s textured like sand or natural leather to produce an interesting appearance or simply paint an accent wall surface with a shade which collaborates with your style to produce impact.

One of the major budget plan busters when enhancing a house is a cooking area redesign. There are numerous things you can do in the kitchen area that will update it without investing too much money. As opposed to replacing your cooking area cabinets, paint or stain them. You can likewise replace your old kitchen counters with brand-new ones. Lot of times brand-new kitchen counters are all you need to offer your kitchen area an updated appearance. Also, change the hardware on the cabinets with new ones. This tiny change can make a massive distinction in the look of your cupboards while being budget plan friendly.

An additional room in your home which can be expensive to redesign is the shower room. Many people automatically think they need to change the bathtub and also shower in order to upgrade the shower room. However, you can save cash by having the bathtub or shower re-glazed instead. There are several business that will certainly re-glaze your washroom for a portion of the expense of replacing the old components. You can additionally acquire a re-grouting kit to take care of the cement in the bathtub or shower in order to make it look new once more.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to conserve cash when making enhancements in your house. Execute some of the concepts mentioned right here to upgrade your house without breaking the financial institution.

Fundamentals of a Financial Investment

You have big dreams of possessing real estate as well as retiring young. You merely do not have the funds to go out as well as purchase the residential properties in cash (the majority of us do not either). This leads you down the course of funding with your neighborhood financial institution. Perhaps you currently own your very own home and have actually been via the procedure of getting approved as well as signing the mortgage. This should be simple after that right? Wrong, investment residential property financings are not like your conventional home loan.

Lenders are more rigorous with financing a financial investment home than that of a personal home mortgage. You may be questioning, yet why? It’s easy when you own financial investment building as well as a personal home and then you shed your work or things start going south monetarily you’re most likely to pay your individual home mortgage prior to anything else in the worst instance situation. You’re not most likely to want to back-pedal your home mortgage, because that’s where you live!

Interest Rate

The rate of interest is most likely to be higher than that of your home mortgage, it just is. Add 1-3 percentage factors more than the owner-occupied funding rate. That means that if a lending institution costs 4.00% passion for homeowner loans, you’ll likely pay 5-7% passion for financial investment loans. That’s just how it functions individuals. The loans are more dangerous, so the financial institutions want a lot more for them.

Credit rating

Similar to any kind of kind of finance your credit matters. It reveals the bank a history of your previous credit history experiences and essentially says why you should get a lending or why you shouldn’t obtain a financing. Working to ensure your credit rating is top notch is something you need to do far before you enter the real estate game.

With investment home, your credit score does not have as huge an influence as it performs with home mortgages. You will still have alternatives if your credit report isn’t best. If you score is below 740 you need to anticipate to pay more in rates of interest, lender costs, and reduced LTV’s. This does not indicate you shouldn’t attach a less than 740 credit rating, it just is stating what you need to expect.

Lower LTV

20% discover it, enjoy it, live it. That’s the number the financial institution will certainly desire from you as a down payment for your investment residential property acquisition. There are certainly exceptions to the 20% down, however that’s what the majority of financial institutions are needing.

20% is a great deal of loan, right? Yeah, I know, but the bright side is you will certainly not need to pay mortgage insurance policy! No one such as home mortgage insurance policy. The trouble is, that’s the only good news. Additionally, the 20% down is an ideal situation, if you have piss bad debt anticipate the bank to anticipate even more or not even check out your bargain in any way. As a final note, intend on requiring a minimum of 3 months’ settlements as a liquid cash money book. Cash money reserve is essential, yes you may finally have actually conserved than 20%, however, if you don’t have more than the 20% in functioning resources for when the furnace goes out in the first month then the bank will once again examine giving you a loan.

Abilene Texas Cost of Living added 9-6-2018

The cost of living in Abilene, Texas is quite affordable. In fact, it actually does better than the statewide average, in many categories. Originally a frontier town and home to the Abilene Zoo, the Frontier Texas Museum, and the Grace Museum, Abilene is a wonderful place to call home, and with good reason. So, let’s take a peek at the cost of living in Abilene, Texas.

Abilene Texas Cost of Living

Living in Abilene, Texas means a more affordable lifestyle. We’ll start with a baseline average across the nation, which is 100. So, anything above that is more expensive, while anything less is more affordable. Here’s how the cost of living in Abilene, Texas scores comparatively with the numbers across the Lone Star State, as well as the nation:

  1. We’ll begin with the most affordable category — housing. The cost of housing in Abilene is just 73, compared with the statewide score of 82.
  2. Here again, the cost of living in Abilene, is more affordable, coming in at 91, while the statewide number is 96.
  3. Once more, the cost of living in Abilene performs better, with a score of 91.4. That’s still much under the national number.

Additionally, the cost of transportation and healthcare stand at 96 and 97, respectively. And, the median home cost in Abilene is just $124,100. (The relative median home cost in Texas is $184,900 and $216,200 for the country-wide average.)

Clearly, the cost of living in Abilene, Texas is one of the most affordable, not only in the nation. But also, in the state of Texas.

Advantages of Living in Abilene Texas

There are many reasons to call Abilene, Texas home. It’s a wonderful town with great people. And, it’s in an awesome location. So, if you’re thinking about moving to the area, read on to learn more about the several benefits of living in Abilene.

Advantages of Living in Abilene Texas

Formerly a frontier settlement and home to a very unique museum. But, these certainly aren’t the only reasons to call the great city of Abilene home. Here are the biggest advantages of living in Abilene, Texas you should know about:

  1. Easy commutes. The average drive to work in Abilene is just 10 minutes. That’s a lot less than the national average is about 17 minutes. Which means there’s a lot less traffic to contend with, and less stress getting around.
  2. Job availability. The labor market in Abilene is exceptional and continues to grow. Since the Lone Star State is so business friendly, many companies are relocating here, providing ample career opportunities.
  3. Good schools. The community of Abilene has some of the best schools in the state and one of the lowest student to teacher ratios. Also, higher education has an excellent presence here in Abilene.
  4. Terrific weather. The weather in Abilene is also delightful, with an average temperature of just 77 degrees during the day and 53 degrees overnight.
  5. Many local events. Rodeos, the West Texas Fair, Art Walk, Balloon Fest and plenty more. Events happen all the time and are a huge draw.
  6. Low cost of living. Abilene also boasts a very low cost of living, making it even more ideal to call home.

Abilene Texas Colleges and Universities

There are several Abilene Texas colleges and universities, with many different study curriculums and degree options. Formerly a frontier settlement in the great state of Texas, its history is kept alive and well at the Frontier Texas museum. It’s also home to the Abilene Zoo and close to Fort Phantom Hill and is likewise incorporated into the Texas Forts Trail, which links up until other similar frontier landmarks about the area and beyond. Read on to learn more about Abilene Texas colleges and universities.

Abilene Texas Colleges and Universities

Abilene Texas colleges and universities range in size and scope greatly. Presently, there are a total of five colleges and universities in the city of Abilene, Texas: Abilene Christian University, American Commercial College – Abilene, Hardin – Simmons University, McMurry University, and Texas State Technical College – Abilene.

  • Abilene Christian University. Originally founded in 1906, Abilene Christian University gained its present status in 1976 and is a private school, offering four-year to doctorate level certificates.
  • American Commercial College. This is a two-year college which offers Associate degrees, making it an ideal stepping stone up to a four-year school.
  • Hardin – Simmons University. Founded in 1891, this is a comprehensive university. It’s a private institution, offering four-year to doctorate level degrees.
  • McMurry University. This is also church-affiliated school and a liberal arts university. It was founded in 1923 and earned its university status back in 1990. It offers bachelor-level, four-year degrees.
  • Texas State Technical College. This is a two-year school with locations all throughout the state, offering technical degrees.

Things to Do in Abilene Texas

There are some interesting and fun things to do in Abilene, Texas. Located in the western portion of the Lone Star State, Abilene is home to approximately 121,000 residents, first incorporated as a town back in 1881. Nicknamed the “Key City” or the “Friendly Frontier,” Abilene has quite a bit to offer.

Things to Do in Abilene Texas

Some of the best things to do in Abilene are family-inclusive. So, it’s a great place to visit or even to call home. Originally established by cattlemen as a key shipping hub about fifteen years after the conclusion of the American Civil War, Abilene is now a thriving city. And, it has plenty to offer:

  • Abilene Zoo. Here, there are more than 1,000 animals from all around the world. Visitors can see lions, giraffes, a white tiger, tortoises, and so many more. It’s fun for the whole family and a must-see destination when in Abilene, Texas.
  • Frontier Texas. This center is located in the downtown district and it’s a journey back to the days of the Wild West. It takes visitors way back in time when the western frontier was first explored and established.
  • The Grace Museum. Here, visitors enjoy many exhibits, which include things such as art, history, and science. Most all focus on the development of Texas. Additionally, the museum offers a number of programs and boasts some wonderful collections.

Additionally, the Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden is a terrific cultural landscape to enjoy sculptures and more. It’s located at the Abilene Convention Center and is something to behold. For help finding Abilene Tx Real Estate please contact us.

Abilene Tx Real Estate Market 

The Abilene, Texas real estate market has much to offer. Located in West Texas, this once was a frontier territory and it remains quite historic. Here, residents and visitors alike delight in the many parks, the fun, and wonder of the zoo, as well as its urban feel. It’s more affordable to live here than other parts of the Lone Star State.

Abilene Tx Real Estate Market

Located in Taylor County, Abilene is a great place to call home. The median home price here in Abilene is lower than other locations, such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin. What’s more, you get more house for less, specifically when compared to the previously mentioned communities. Housing is dominated by single-family properties, most of which enjoy large lots with plenty of outdoor space.

Abilene Texas Living Benefits

If you’re considering a change of pace or want a small town feel, Abilene is one great place to call your own home. Abilene is actually a former watering hole for a nearby trail. And, it served as a stop for the railroad way back during the time Texas became more and more settled. There are three small colleges and universities in the area, and its largest employers are Dyess Air Force Base and the city of Abilene itself. So, let’s take a look at what Abilene, Texas has to offer:

  • Strong job market. Abilene boasts a strong job market. Typically, it’s unemployment rate is lower than the nationwide average. This is due to the fact the majority of positions are filled by the military and the city of Abilene.
  • Cost of living. The cost of living in Abilene is low. It comes in at about 12 percent, which is well below the national average. That means there’s more money for recreation and entertainment. It also means you can stretch your dollars more efficiently.
  • Short commutes. The average commute time in Abilene is just fifteen minutes or less. That’s considerably less than commutes around the nation, particularly in the bigger metropolitan areas and even other urban sites in Texas.
  • Teacher to student ratio. Here in Abilene, the average teacher to student ratio is just 1 to 15. This represents one of the smallest, compared to big cities and other locations.
  • No state income tax. You can keep more of what you earn when you live in Texas. That’s because there is no state income tax in the Lone Star State, which is a huge benefit.

For help finding Abilene Tx Real Estate please contact us.